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Jack Goode – FdSc Audio & Music Technology

Nominated for Best Music Production

Nominated for Music Student of the Year

About Jack

I joined Confetti in 2015 to study the FdSc Music and Audio Technology course after developing a keen interest in the subject during my time studying music at Sixth Form. After visiting other Universities across the country, it was Confetti in my home town that appealed to me the most, both for its course content and the facilities available. During my time here I have seen Confetti grow and provide even more facilities which I hope to make use of as I continue to study here and complete my BSc Audio & Music Technology.

Jack’s Degree Showcase Work

When I’m not studying at Confetti I am a self-employed guitar tutor. The students I teach range from 6 years old to 86! I also have experience of teaching music at a Summer School for special educational needs students. This has resulted in a passion for teaching people of a variety of ages and abilities.

I was influenced by my experience to begin developing instruments of an untraditional nature in order to allow people who may not have the ability or the opportunity to play an instrument to have the enjoyment of making music. This year I have developed a pinball machine that triggers ambient samples in Native Instrument’s Reaktor 5. The objective is to play pinball and trigger the samples to create music. 

Using this technology, I hope to develop more of these untraditional instruments to eventually allow people of any ability to have the chance to enjoy making music. 

Jack Goode Guitar

As a guitar enthusiast, I wanted to further my understanding of the instrument. To do this, I thought the best way would be to begin making and assembling my own. This year I embarked on my first project to assemble a Stratocaster style guitar that closely matched the specifications of an original 1959 Fender.

I started with all the parts necessary and utilised the 30 years’ worth of experience given to me by Cat and Jenna of Xperience Guitars Nottingham, two luthiers who aided me throughout the process to ensure that the guitar I made was of the highest possible standard for my ability. I even wound my own pickups to the exact spec of Fender’s own original ‘59’s. I then tested the guitar, comparing it to boutique guitars such as Fenders, a Japanese made Bacchus and a cheaper Squires to find that the frequency response of my guitar was very comparable to those of the boutique guitars that had expensive Lindy Fralin pickups installed.

The success of the build has been matched by the feedback given to me by other players who agree that the quality of the build and the sound of the instrument is exceedingly good. Some meet me with complete disbelief when they realise that I assembled it myself. I have used the guitar for teaching and recording the track ‘Yonaka’ a group production project submission which was nominated by Confetti for the Best Production Project award in 2017. I hope to expand on these skills and keep building guitars to further my understanding so that I can pass on my newly found knowledge to others.

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Joe Langford – FdSc Audio & Music Technology

Winner –  Best Music Production

About Joe

I started Confetti with no prior knowledge or insight into the production of music. I had never used a digital audio workstation or helped record live sound in any context. All I had were ideas and a desire to learn, and it was at Confetti where I developed the skills I needed to make and create things that I could feel proud of. The skills and knowledge that the lecturers possess in their subject area means that they can really take you from nowhere to a place where you can create, produce and release your ideas and creativity to an incredibly high standard. The equipment available to the students really is fantastic. For all my productions I was able to craft my ideas with high end virtual instruments and software, and also record live instruments with industry standard microphones in studios that would complement my work. 

Joe’s Degree Showcase Work

I finished my Creative Music Tech module with the production of an original song I had written during my second year at Confetti, and with the help of my partner Chris we were able to record most of it during long evenings in Confetti’s flagship studio Electric Mayhem.

Most of the track was recorded with the JUNO-6, an analogue synthesiser that I would never have been able to apply to my production process had Confetti not made the investment for me. In Electric Mayhem, we also recorded drums, bass and vocals using Confetti’s equipment.

The whole process took about two months and I was so happy when I received the call from Andy that our production had been nominated for the Best Music Production award. I’ll admit I had a cheeky listen to the other nominations on the day of the Showcase and honestly had no idea which would get the award, but I was so grateful when Dan announced we’d won.

Everyone at the Showcase was incredibly supportive of what we’d done and all the hours instantly felt worth it. I’m grateful that the investments and support that I received at Confetti enabled me to realise my creative ideas and I’m super excited to start my BSc Audio and Music Technology top up degree!

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Chris Ball – FdSc Audio & Music Technology

Winner – Best Music Production

About Chris

I’m a mature student and with that arriving back at college was quite an intimidating thing, but my fears were soon eased as I was accepted by the other students and tutors on my course. Confetti is a fantastic place to be whatever you’re here to learn. 

I had no real previous experience of the subjects on the course apart from doing some home recording so to go from being a fish out of water at the start to receiving an award for the Best Music Production at the end of my second year is something that I’m extremely proud of. 

Chris’ Degree Showcase Work

For the project that we won the award for we were set a task of creating a piece of music that had significant elements that were electronic. I formed a group with Joe Langford who was in my studio class. Joe is an extremely talented writer and offered us a song to work with and it obviously had great potential.

This good starting point allowed us to have the time to really bring the song to life from its MIDI foundations to something brilliant through some small changes in arrangement and replacing elements of the original song with analogue synths and real instruments.

The track was completed through Joe providing vocals. By the time we completed the track we had spent in the region of 30 to 40 hours experimenting with sounds and arrangements and we tried absolutely everything that either of us suggested. We probably created enough usable music to create two or three good versions of the track but eventually settled on a final version. 

I can honestly say that this was the most enjoyable piece of work that I’ve done since joining Confetti. We don’t really get set work that isn’t interesting, but this was just fun from start to finish. As our tutor Dan Livesey said, “Music should be fun” and this project was.

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