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Our 10 Favourite Photos from the Past Year

On #WorldPhotoDay we are looking back on our favourite moments from the past year. If you want to be involved next year then checkout our Clearing page.

When it was raining outside but we were all in the Arts Theatre getting advice from Chase & Status

When Mikey Demus showed us just how to be a guitar hero at Industry Week

When Fresh caused some big queues in Notts

When we celebrated our name in style at the Christmas Party

When we just couldn’t fit anymore people into the room during the Music Performance gig on Broad Street

When Audio & Music Tech went B2B at Celebrate

When The Darkness headlined the Confetti Stage at Splendour 2016 and Live & Tech Events ran backstage

And our TV Production students filmed it all on Notts TV

Splendour Festival

When we all hung out to play student games

When we showed Notts just what our graduates can do at The Degree Showcase

Best Open Mic Nights in Nottingham

The Notts music scene is growing fast and with venues like Rock City, The Rescue Rooms and the Motorpoint Arena – there’s always something on! But for those just starting out in music it’s the smaller venues that make the difference – and there are loads of opportunities to get yourself heard throughout Notts. We’ve pulled together the best Open Mic Nights in Notts to get you started if you’re coming to study Music Performance with us.

The Maze – Offcut Records presents: OPEN MIC NIGHT

The Open Mic Night at The Maze takes place twice a month (first and third Wednesday) and is open to all musical genres. All you’ve got to do to join is sign up at the bar and start jamming!

Jam Cafe – Open Mic Nights

Taking place every Wednesday and open to everyone, Jam Cafe is an intimate cafe in the heart of Hockley and definitely a great place to start your performance career.

Filthy’s: Spotlight

Taking place every Tuesday at Filthy’s – Spotlight is a great opportunity to get your music heard. They record performances for their Soundcloud and YouTube accounts, as well as giving all performers a FREE DRINK. What’s not to like?

Interested in studying a Music Performance course? Find out more about our FE and HE music courses. 

Work Experience Opportunities at Confetti

At Confetti we pride ourselves on the many opportunities our students have to #DoItForReal. We have spoken to Confetti student Rowena Brett about the work experience opportunities she has been given throughout her time at Confetti.

I am on the BSc TV Production Technology course. I chose to study at Confetti because as soon as you step through the HE doors you are welcomed by an abundance of friendly people. The atmosphere in Confetti compared to a ‘normal’ university is completely different – in Confetti everyone knows who you are.

At the end of the year, a small portion of the second year students are nominated for the degree show awards. Due to being surrounded by some incredibly talented students I never thought I’d win ‘TV & Film Student of The Year’ – however I somehow did! This lead to an amazing opportunity to become an intern for Notts TV. Over the summer I have been working on some amazing projects with amazing people. I’m living what I’ve always dreamt of – doing what I love AND getting paid for it!

As a Notts TV Intern there are a few key jobs that I have to do which will help the running of the recording. I contact crew regarding upcoming recordings for Sports Week and Notts TV Debate, I prepare the call sheets for Sports Week and Notts TV Debate and finally I send out compliance forms regarding any brands/swear words or offensive sayings that were mentioned in the duration of the show. Through the internship I have been given the opportunity to become a camera operator for the shows – since the first year of my degree i’ve always wanted to camera operate and now I can put my skills from the FdSc TV Production degree into practice in a professional environment.

Confetti have given me so many amazing opportunites which differ from client work to working at Splendour. Work hard, play hard and be kind because these three things will eventually reward you for your determination.

If this sounds exciting and you would like to start a degree this September at Confetti call our Clearing Hotline: 0115 993 2390.

10 ways to stay positive if things don’t go right on Results Day

Now that you’ve picked up your results it’s time to start planning your next steps. If you’ve received the grades you expected, then your place at your chosen university will be confirmed soon. If things didn’t turn out quite as you’d expected – DON’T WORRY! We have spoken to happiness guru Vic Gilgeous who has given us top ten tips to staying positive throughout the situation.

  1. Keep in mind that an exam result doesn’t define you
  2. Try and stay calm. Clear mindedness helps you navigate difficult situations
  3. Attitude is everything. Keep trying and ask for help and advice
  4. Keep soldering on and look for alternatives – there are always more options available
  5. Have confidence that, in the end, you will find the right solution
  6. Bad days will come and go, let none of that phase you
  7. Persistence always wins, never give in and lose your confidence
  8. When you go after what matters to you with perseverance it will happen
  9. Don’t be too hard on yourself and think too negatively
  10. Learn from life’s ups and downs – and don’t let this disappointment define you

Now that you are feeling a bit more relaxed have a cup of tea and pick up the phone and call 0115 993 2390. Our Clearing team is here to help you!

If you find out more about the Clearing process then visit our dedicated Clearing page.

8 Things To Do Within 8 Minutes of Confetti

Front doors of The Broadway Cinema Nottingham

If you’re considering coming to Notts to study, but are a bit worried that it’s not a massive city, you’re worrying for no reason. Notts is amazing! Here’s 8 wicked places you can visit that are less than 8 minutes on foot from Confetti!

Broadway Cinema

Showing a range of indie films and documentaries, as well as the latest blockbusters The Broadway is one of the coolest places to catch a film in Nottingham. The chairs are super comfy, it’s not dead pricey and there’s the stylish Paul Smith suite designed by Notts’ very own…well, erm, Paul Smith!

The Broadway has good food and a lovely terrace on Broad Street (one of the best places to hang out in the city). They also run workshops, film festivals and you can get yourself membership for discounts. Study a film degree  or FE course and chances are you’ll be visiting this place regularly and might even see your own work on the big screen.

Rough Trade

Is it a record label? is it a record shop? Or is it a nice intimate gig venue? Well it’s all of the above! Chuck in the outdoor seating area, located on … you guessed it Broad Street and you’ve got yourself a right nice little hang-out spot!

With loads of great events there’s something for all Confetti students here. Drink & draw socials, film screenings, gigs and a lot of the time you get to meet some big artists for cosy gigs and record signings. There’s also the in demand Rough Trade photo booth. Did we mention they signed local duo Sleaford Mods? Yeah that too!

National Videogame Arcade

If you’re studying Games Art or Games Tech this is the place to be. Even if you’re not a Games student, who doesn’t want to chill with their mates and play computer games?

The NVA (that’s what the cool kids call it) put on loads of events, guest speakers and tournament nights. They also have the Toast Bar, which serves a lot of…well toast*

*Other food may be available.

Motorpoint Arena

Not only is the Motorpoint Arena home to the famous Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team, so you can deffo go ice skating. It also hosts some of the biggest bands, acts and comedians in the world. This year they’ve got Cirque de Soleil, Bastille, Bring Me The Horizon, Jack Whitehall and Russell Howard to name a few. You can always go and see Disney on Ice as well if that’s more your thing?

Rock City

Rock City has been going strong for 35 years as one of Nottingham’s most famous music venues. It’s seen pretty much every band worth a listen grace its stages. If you’re from Notts you’ve probably seen loads of people play the basement ‘before they were famous’. Then had to move upstairs to the main hall to see them with 2,000 other people a year later.

If you’re not from Notts you’re in for a treat! Coming up this year they’ve got Jake Bugg, Sleaford Mods, White Lies and the list goes on. There are also weekly club nights! Rock City is also found right in the middle of loads of other places that are wicked such as Stealth (D&B, House, Techno etc) and Rescue Room (bit indie).

Bridlesmith Gate

One of the most stylish streets in Notts, Bridlesmith Gate is home to brands like Fred Perry, Ted Baker and loads of others. It also links to some pretty cool restaurants and if you explore some of the alleys off this street you’ll find some nice little bars and cafes.

It also has some of the best outdoor acoustics in the city, if you get a licence to busk this is the pitch you want. Don’t you all rush at once Music Performance students!

Old Market Square

In summer it’s a beach (we are not kidding they dump 2 tons of sand on it) this year the city got pretty famous on Twitter when a kid decided to go snorkelling in the fountains.

In winter it’s a Winter Wonderland (again, not kidding there’s an ice rink and everything!)

Throughout the year there are loads of markets and festivals taking place here and it is deffo gonna become the place you meet your mates. If you don’t know what the left lion is you’ll find him here and you’re gonna be weirdly proud of them within a month!

Planet Bounce

Most days it’s full of kids parties but on a Sunday night Planet Bounce closes to under 18’s for the adult only Trampology!

Imagine this! The light’s go down, the DJ hits the decks and you’re in a room full of trampolines. Do we really need to say more?

There are so many other places that you have to check out in Notts. If you want to come to Notts and study a degree course at Confetti this September check out our Clearing Page  or FE course page for info on courses with availability.

Clearing – Student Finance

If you’re applying for a course through Clearing you’ll need to update your student finance account, so they can make sure your fees go to the right uni!

Already applied?
If you’ve applied already, it’s easy to change your details by logging in to your account at and going to Your Account > Change your application > University/college course.

Once this information is updated they’ll re-asses your application and let you know of any changes to the amount of student finance you can get.

Haven’t applied yet?
Don’t panic! You can still apply for student finance, although your application can take at least six weeks to be processed and you might not get all your money straight away – so make sure you budget!

Still unsure?
If you’re still unsure then get in touch, our Education Support Team are here to help – just call 0115 952 2075. You can also contact SFE directly – visit SFE’s student finance zone on The Student Room, where they have a dedicated Clearing page, as well as helpful tools and guidance to walk you through what you need to do and when to do it –

SFE experts will be holding two dedicated surgeries on the student finance zone on 18 and 19 August from 10:00 – 16:00.

5 Tips to Avoid Exam Results Stress

Results Day is fast approaching and we know it can be a very stressful time. Whether you’ve changed your mind and decided to go to university or if you’re looking for a different course – our Clearing team is here to answer all your questions and guide you through the process. Read through our dedicated Clearing page and call us on 0115 993 2390 or email

In the meantime, professional speaker Pam Burrows has given us her top five tips for staying calm and avoiding stress in the days leading up to Thursday morning.

  1. Breathe Better – 7/11

The fastest way to reduce stress is to breathe better. Breathe in for a count of 7, out for 11. This detoxes tension from the body. Relax your shoulders, soften your jaw, relax you whole body and follow the next step…

  1. Watch your thinking

Imagining it’s already a disaster? Instead think “Whatever happens, I can handle it.” Repeat this while you breathe 7/11. Choose to drop the drama, it’s not useful. You’re made of stronger stuff than you realise. Breathe 7/11 and thinking of times you’ve done well is a great way to get a better night’s sleep too.

  1. Keep the faith

You might get the result you’re hoping for. You might not. Whichever, there will be a way for you to have the life journey you’re meant to. Whether it’s the old plan, a new plan or a retake, resultswise “It is what it is”. Question is “What’s next?” You’re in the driving seat!

  1. Avoid other people’s drama!

Join in the drama and feel dreadful, walk away or suggest some of these tips to them. You choose! Be a ‘drop the drama’ champion and spread the love!

  1. Do something!

Go have a laugh, a swim, a bath, a game, a run, chat about something else…don’t sit about driving yourself crazy, you always have a choice about what you focus on. You can even find useful videos on YouTube!