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Our Industry Week 2017 Highlights

Well what a week that was! From 6 – 10 March we welcomed over 70 guests from across Film, TV, Music and Games for Industry Week 2017! Timetables were replaced with insightful workshops, lectures and masterclasses giving you tips, tricks and insider knowledge of the industries you aspire to join. Check out our highlights from the week…

Acting with Roxy Shahidi & Sammy Winward

For many of you, Industry Week started early as we welcomed Emmerdale favourites Roxy Shahidi & Sammy Winward on Friday 3 March. Not only did they hold a Q&A session on getting into acting, but they also gave tips during a once-in-a-lifetime acting masterclass. The actors spoke about starting a career, having an agent and auditions, before moving on to teach screen acting techniques in their workshop.

Level 3 Acting & Film Production student Ellie Kemp loved the session: “There was something surreal about getting to perform in front of two soap actresses; it was just as exciting as it was nerve-racking, but it was an amazing opportunity! “

Industry Week Sammy Winward & Roxy Shahidi

Our Confetti Alumni Panels

On the first official day of Industry Week our Confetti graduates gave talks and workshops aimed to give you insight into the industry you want to join. The day started with our Do It For Real Games panel which saw our FdSc Games Technology graduates Lee Fox, Sam Cotton & Rhianne Murphy return to discuss their career journey in the games industry. Many of you will want to follow in their footsteps so it was a great to hear how their careers have developed.

Industry Week 2017 Do It For Real
(Left to Right) Sam Dovaston, Nick Starky, Gaz Frost & George Patchett - Do It For Real Panel
Do it for real games panel
(From left to right) Sam Cotton, Rhianne Murphy & Lee Fox - Do It For Real Games Panel

The day ended with another Do It For Real panel featuring Sky Camera Operator Sam Dovaston, Head Sound Engineer George Patchett, Camera Operator Louis Vella, Ubisoft Games Tester Nick Starkey and Producer Gaz Frost from music duo Congi. They all answered questions on their career path after leaving Confetti, highlighting the importance of not being put off by rejection. Overall it was a fantastic opportunity to hear from industry professionals who were students just like you only a few years ago!

A Masterclass from a World-Renowned Filmmaker

Director of Photography Philip Bloom stopped by Industry Week on Tuesday to not only share his experiences & tips, but to give you the opportunity to work alongside him, creating a cinematic zombie film without ever leaving Space2’s S05! Using our filming equipment, he demonstrated the techniques he uses on a daily basis, and the outcome was fantastic (above)…there were quite a few inspired filmmakers after this workshop!

“The important thing is to know how to tell the story. At the end of the day you can have the greatest kit ever, but if you don’t connect with the audience you haven’t accomplished anything.”

Hollie Bennet’s Top 7 Tips for YouTube!

Playstation Access Channel Manager and Industry Week favourite Hollie Bennett stopped by on Wednesday for an animated and insightful talk on what it takes to make a successful Youtube channel. If you had the chance to be in the audience you would’ve heard all about what it takes to get started with streaming. From how to style your video thumbnail, to how to avoid getting into copyright trouble or why the first 15 seconds of your video are the most crucial – by the end of Hollie’s talk everyone was on their way to building the next successful gaming YouTube channel.

Hollie Bennett Industry Week 2017

Social Virtual Reality

This year we welcomed two full days of virtual reality fun hosted by games developers Triangular Pixels. This was an incredibly popular event – evident from the huge waiting times – but well worth watching Robot Wars patiently before testing their social VR games. You got past many exciting puzzles and epic challenges, looking cool but not so elegant outside the headset!

Guitar Heroes

Back by huge demand was one of the most popular sessions from last year which featured guitar legends Aziz Ibrahim, Andy James & Mikey Demus. Host Mark Packham asked questions about their first memories with a guitar, their passion, and their journey to where they are now – mixed in with some amazing solo performances showcasing an array of foot pedals they use to create their wicked sounds. Many of you went home with souvenir photos and signatures to look back on. We hope you were inspired to take your guitar skills to the next level!

Industry Week 2017 Guitar Heroes
(Left to right) Andy James, Aziz Ibrahim & Mikey Demus
Industry Week 2017 Guitar Heroes

Jobs For The Girls

Hot off the back of International Women’s Day, Frances Finn hosted a Notts TV special in front of a live audience, which celebrated females working in the creative industries. The panel was made up of TV star Vicky McClure, musician Harleighblu, NTU pro vice-chancellor Barbara Matthews MBE & Legendary Games’ CEO Ewan Lamont. From discussions about sexism in the industry, to women being judged on their appearance, it was uplifting to hear the thoughts of the role models many young girls and women look up to.

Watch Jobs For The Girls on Notts TV.

Industry Week 2017 Jobs For The Girls

The Art of DJ’ing

DJ & Producer DJ Yoda gave an inspiring talk covering how he got into DJ’ing and demonstrating on stage many of the techniques he uses daily. Not only did he talk about his accomplishments, but he also focused on what he failed at, but learnt from. He also explained the art of scratching by first showing the incorrect technique he used when he was a teenager. Many of you who’re aspiring to be DJ’s will have learnt a lot of new skills – maybe some of you were scratching incorrect this whole time?

DJ Yoda Industry Week 2017

A Life in Documentary Filmmaking

Those lucky enough to have been at one of Nick Broomfield’s talks will have come away with a lot of knowledge. During the day he gave small groups the chance to learn his documentary process, from finding a story you want to tell, to convincing someone to fund it. In the afternoon you were treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Nick talk about his career – he even premiered an unfinished trailer for his new documentary on Whitney Houston, making those in the room the first to see it! He spoke about many amazing experiences, including when Aileen Carol Wuornos admitted to him while on death row her reasons behind killing six men.

Industry Week 2017 Nick Broomfield
Industry Week 2017 Nick Broomfield

Keep up with all of our social channels for more on Industry Week and look out for the Industry Week special WIRE magazine next month – it features interviews with DJ Yoda, Nick Broomfield and much more!

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Industry Week 17 – Ellie’s Highlights

industry week 2017

With five days full of acting workshops, lectures and networking events, it’s safe to say that Industry Week 2017 has been a busy one for Acting & Film Production student Ellie Kemp. Let’s hear about her experiences and highlights of the week…

Industry Week started early!

Juggling my duties as a college student while attending Industry Week lectures and reporting on all the action has been pretty hectic, but definitely worth it!

A definite highlight was getting to hear from, and perform for Emmerdale actresses Roxy Shahidi and Sammy Winward, when Industry Week started early for us acting students on Friday 3 March. To hear just how passionate both Roxy and Sammy are about acting, and to learn all about their different paths into acting careers was fascinating, and showed us that there is more than just one direct route into any job role.

Industry Week 2017 Actors Workshop Roxy Sammy Emmerdale

Networking at Nusic’s Academy Workshop

In the middle of the week I took the chance to network with, and hear from some of the biggest names in the radio and music industry at the Nusic Academy. Based at Nottingham Trent Student’s Union, an amazing night was filled with insightful tips, tricks, some talented musicians, and I came away with a lot of connections.

The event gave me the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone by talking about my writing and radio work – especially with people who are so successful within the industry!

Industry Week Nusic Workshop

In the audience for Jobs For The Girls?

Jobs For The Girls IW17

Finally, another great Industry Week moment was my last session on Friday – being part of the studio audience at the Notts TV Jobs for the Girls debate. As we’ve been working on multicam productions as one of our modules this term, it was really interesting to sit back and watch the action unfold while being part of a large filmed event.

It was great to hear from the panel guests which included Nottingham musician Harleighblu, and star of screen and stage, Vicky McClure. The debate itself was a discussion as to why we aren’t seeing as many women in the creative industries, what that’s down to, and what can be done to change that. It was uplifting to hear both Harleighblu and Vicky talk so unapologetically about being themselves, and not changing for anyone, both personally, and throughout their time in the creative industries. They’re amazing role models for young girls and women alike – both are successful, hard-working, and have stayed true to themselves.

Jobs For The Girls Vicky Mcclure

Always persevere

The key message I took away from this week – which seemed to be a recurring theme in many of the Industry Week talks – was that perseverance is key. Whether you’re; an actor wanting to find an agent, a musician looking to get your song played on the radio, or even if you’re looking for entry-level jobs into the industry – you need to persevere, no matter how many knock-backs or rejections you receive!

Overall, it’s been a busy and inspiring week – the industry connections made, the opportunities we’ve had and the experience we’ve gained have definitely made it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Want to be part of Industry Week next year? Find out more about our creative college courses and degree courses.

Important Information About the Archaeological Work Around Confetti

From Monday (20 March) the archaeological work taking place as part of the construction of our new Digital Media Hub will move into our Courtyard area.

During this time fencing will be in place to allow access to the Confetti building. Work will also be taking place behind the timber fencing next to the Orangery/Electric Mayhem studio. The fencing is there for your protection so we ask that you take care when moving around the area and don’t interfere with the safety barriers.

All bike racks will be affected by this work and all bikes currently in the racks must be removed by 8.30am on Monday 20 March. Temporary bike racks will be located outside EM during the works (limited spaces).

We do not expect this work will take any longer than three weeks.

Check out some of the videos of the finds below and read the full article here:

An interview with Confetti Live performer Luke Hallam

Confetti Live - Black Cats & Magpies
Confetti Live 22nd February - Black Cats & Magpies - Credit: Tom McIvor

Earlier in the week we spoke to FdA Music Performance student & Confetti Live performer Luke Hallam about all things music! The next Confetti Live is on Tuesday 21 March so make sure you check out the event.

Why did you choose Confetti to study?

I chose to study at Confetti because I wanted to pursue my passion for music at the same time as perfecting my craft to become a professional musician. Also, it just felt like the right place to be at as a student!

How did you get into music?

My love for music began at a very young age – my first contact with music came from my father who was extremely into punk, but he also listened to reggae a lot, especially dub reggae. I loved the bass and rhythm section and would try to imitate the percussionists by banging on things – I built cardboard drum kits until I finally got my first electronic drum kit at the age of 10 and from then on I’ve lived on the kit! I think my passion has grown throughout the years. In the three years alone that I have been at Confetti, I’ve been lucky enough to play at some amazing places such as Rock City, Rescue Rooms and Y-NOT festival which has further fueled my love for music.

Confetti Live - Black Cats & Magpies
Credit: Tom McIvor

How has the FdA Music Performance course improved you as a musician?

So far, the FdA Music Performance course has improved my overall musicianship vastly as well as my playing ability. My tutors have been extremely supportive and have helped me progress as a professional musician. They’ve assisted me in painting a clear career path which has opened up many opportunities for me to perform and develop.

How did your band Black Cats & Magpies form?

Black Cats & Magpies formed in the Summer of 2014, however I didn’t join the band until early 2016. I met the guys at a gig where they explained to me that their current drummer had other commitments and that there was a position open for a new drummer. I went along to a rehearsal and we all bonded straight away. The sound that the guys had was magical, they must have had 100 guitar pedals between them all! The sound took me off of my feet and I fell in love with the music we were making and it has evolved into what we are today.

Confetti Live - Black Cats & Magpies
Credit: Tom McIvor

How was performing at Confetti Live?

Confetti Live was a great event to be part of and I think that the students really handled our energy really well and loved our complex & layered sound. I received amazing feedback from the crowd and I think our sound was delivered beautifully to the audience so huge thanks to the Live & Technical Events students.

Why should people attend the next Confetti Live?

Because it’s an amazing event, it gives students the chance to play at one of Nottingham’s major venues, and this gives the students a chance to support some well known local headliners. Not to mention, the music is great and the atmosphere is great too.

Confetti Live 21 March

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Firstly, if you’re a musician in Nottingham then definitely check out what Confetti has to offer because they have a lot of opportunities to develop, as well as their support for what you want to do.

Secondly, keep playing. As cliché as it sounds there’s an enormous amount of competition in the world of music even down to your local scene. There are lots of musicians playing all types of instruments who’re all competing for the limelight. Make sure that you are the best you can be on your instrument.

Finally, maintain a level head as music can fluctuate a lot in terms of the amount of gigs you play, to the amount of records you sell or in terms of session musicians.

What advice do you have for people that are considering a place at Confetti?

I would recommend reading the prospectus for the course you’re interested in – make sure you understand what the course entails and what opportunities are offered. There are huge differences in the courses as some are slightly more academic where others focus more on your playing ability. I would recommend Confetti as a place to study as I’ve found the level of equipment and the standard of tutoring is very high. It’s a great place to study and they have some amazing industry connections as well as an in house record label.

The next Confetti Live event is Tuesday 21 March, headlined by Little Bribes and supported by Holly Taylor-Gamble & Beth Jowett.

International Women’s Day

Today is all about celebrating and honouring influential and inspiring women and where better to start than with our very own Industry Week guests!

This week we’ve gathered the most successful names in the creative industries to inspire our students into their careers. Whilst some may say the creative industries are dominated by males, we’ve got some influential female guests to prove otherwise!

Hollie Bennett

Hollie Bennett was still at university when she got involved with gaming blog Destructoid. She was named EU Community Manager for the website, creating European-specific content. Hollie is now the PlayStation Access Channel Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and is a leading lady in the games industry.

Ceri Wade

Ceri Wade is Production Manager at Arcadia Spectacular and the focal point for all logistics, operations and productions. Under Ceri’s stewardship, Arcadia were named Live Production of the Year at the TPI Awards in 2013 and again in 2015 where she was the first ever woman to be recognised as Production Manager of the Year.

Mandy Parnell

Mandy is a world-renowned mastering engineer with her own facility – Black Saloon Studios. Working with an array of artists, Mandy has been nominated and won awards across the globe from Grammy, MPG and Tech Awards. Mandy recently won Mastering Engineer of the Year at the Music Producers Guild – MPG.

Jamz Supernova

As one of the leading next generation DJ’s in the UK, Jamz Supernova has passion for her craft in abundance. BBC Radio 1Xtra provided her a platform when she was asked to be part of their development program, ‘Xtra Talent’ and it wasn’t long before they took the unprecedented bold step of offering Jamz three regular shows.

And our list of inspirational women doesn’t stop there. Take a look at our influential female Industry Week guests below.

Sammy Winward

Roxy Shahidi

Katie Goode

Jo Thomas

Kelly Bennaton

Jess Parry

Frances Finn

Alexandra Turcan

Rhianne Murphy

Eleanor Goodman

Kate Holder


Further to our International Women’s Day celebrations, Nottingham Trent University has created a “Wall of Women” made up of inspirational staff and students as nominated by staff.

We popped along to have a look and were thrilled to see lots of Confetti students – FE and HE, past and present mentioned, as well as lots of members of staff. These included in no particular order: Harleighblu, Holly Taylor-Gamble, Victoria Van Garrett, Jodie Rodgers, Miranda Stewart, Hannah Storm, Kim Horton, Sarah Allen, Astrella Hollingsworth, Esme Bowden, Jodie Jarecki, Rowena Brett, Merryn Peachey and Aimee Stones.

We’ll be following the theme until the end of the week with our Notts TV special – JOBS FOR THE GIRLS.

Frances Finn will host a special “Jobs for the Girls” edition of the Notts TV Debate in front of a live audience, celebrating females working in the creative industries. With special guests – Vicky McClure, Barbara Matthews, Ewan Lamont & Harleighblu

You go girls! #IW17 #InternationalWomensDay

Exciting new partnership with Access to Music

We are pleased to announce a new, national partnership with further education provider Access to Music (AtM).

From September 2017, we will be running our further education courses in collaboration with Access to Music – a national college offering creative courses for school leavers in nine major cities across the country.

We count musician Jake Bugg and actor Vicky McClure amongst our ambassadors and we’ll soon celebrate a quarter of a century as a leading creative industry educator. Similarly, AtM, now in its 25th year, has seen thousands of young people access its training, including patrons Ed Sheeran and Jess Glynne, whose meteoric rise to fame began while studying music at AtM.

We are owned by Nottingham Trent University and offer college–level courses and higher education degrees in music, games, VFX, film and TV and live events. AtM now offers a broader range of creative industry courses which are set to benefit from the Confetti collaboration.

Professor Edward Peck, Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham Trent University comments:
“I am delighted that Confetti and AtM are going to work together to the benefit of students, the two organisations, and importantly, the vibrancy of the creative and cultural scene in Nottingham”.

Craig Chettle, Founder and Chief Executive Confetti ICT comments:
“This is very much an aligning of specialist organisations with shared ambitions and passions. It makes perfect and practical sense to work more closely together for the benefit of students. For those studying with us in Nottingham it means connection to AtM sites across the country and a sharing of knowledge and expertise resulting in bigger and better industry connections and more opportunities to put learning into practice”.

Adrian Armstrong, Chief Executive of Access to Music comments:
“We very much look forward to this unique and exciting collaboration between two leading specialist training providers. We will be able to develop unique and innovative new courses for FE students, leading to improved outcomes for students and further improving quality standards. Additionally, we will be able to share resources industry connections and partnerships leading to employment focused outcomes for our students in one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK economy”.

Will the same range of courses be running from September 2017?

Yes, although some may differ slightly as we continually improve the content of our courses and offer some new courses each year. See website or call for further details on courses for 2017/18.

Who is Access to Music?

AtM is a national provider of creative college-level courses. It delivers courses from nine sites across the country – including Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Norwich and Lincoln.
More info can be found on their website

How will the change to AtM as the FE funding provider affect the existing courses/offer of new courses for Sept 2017 for me/my son or daughter?

Don’t worry – this new partnership will not affect the existing courses/offer of new courses for Sept 2017.

Will all courses from Sept 2017 receive the same levels of funding?

Yes, as dictated by course content and number of credits attached. This sort of change occurs each year and is not connected to change of funding provider.

Will this affect the levels of student support offered?

Student Support with always be allocated on a student needs basis, so no change to how this process works at Confetti.

Will student loans still be available to adult students?

Yes, no changes unless dictated by government policy

Does this change affect HE course at Confetti?

No, this change will have no effect what so ever on our HE courses.