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Confetti Live | 29 November – What are our performers listening to?


On Wednesday 29 November our Music Performance students will be performing at the first Confetti Live of this academic year; the event makes its debut at Rough Trade! We have a great line-up in store for you and we thought we’d let know you know what the performers have been listening to recently.

Here are the top three tracks they’re listening to right now…

Aye Nizzy

Travis Scott – Butterfly Effect

“The opening lyrics of the hook just resonate so much within me and give me a sense of empowerment.”

Aye Nizzy – Ten Ten

“This song is personal to me as it’s my latest release and one of my best pieces of work to date. You can stream, watch and buy here.”

Rich The Kid ft Kendrick Lamar – New Freezer

“This song is so catchy and Kendrick absolutely kills his verse! Serious vibes.”

Aye Nizzy

Bria Buxton

Don McLean – Vincent

“He has an amazing voice and the lyrics are beautiful.”

Jake Bugg ft Noah Cyrus – Waiting

“This song is from his new album which is completely different to anything he has done before. It has fantastic harmonies.”

The Lumineers – Cleopatra

“I’ve only recently started listening to the band and this song is very emotive and catchy.”

Bria Buxton

Guy Ellerton

DMA’s – Delete

“This song has great lyrics and as a three-piece, they make a lot of sound!”

Sticky Fingers – Violet Skies

“An old classic, funky tune which puts you in a good mood.”

Easy Life – Pockets

“I highly recommend listening to this new local band’s debut single, not much to say, just listen.”

Guy Ellerton

Maizie Walsh

Lewis Capaldi – Fade

“I love this song because it’s so empowering. The transfer from verse to chorus is so uplifting and leaves you with goosebumps. His choice of lyrics are perfect; it’s soulful, beautiful and brilliant.”

Mumford & Sons – Tompkins Square Park

“I’m loving this song at the moment as it was one of the first tracks that got played when I moved into my uni accommodation. It has the ability to enhance whatever emotion you’re feeling at the moment of listening.”

Seafret –  Oceans

“The lyrics in the conjunction to the chord progression makes something magical. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Mumford and Sons and Rhodes.”

Maizie Walsh

Rhianne Mee

Red Velvet – I Just

“Red Velvet is a Korean girl group and I like pretty much every single one of their songs. This song is very different from their usual stuff but they executed it really well.”

Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy

“I never get tired of listening to this song, especially the middle-8 section. It builds extremely well and is just so satisfying to listen to.”

Suzy – I Love You Boy

“This is a really sweet song; Suzy’s vocals are extremely soft and relaxing to hear. Even though it’s a slow song, the melody of the chorus is really catchy and beautiful.”

Rhianne Mee

The Chase

The Icicle Works – Birds Fly

“This has been a favourite of ours for a while now due to the energetic drums, the catchy chorus and the overall production of the track.”

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine

“Charlotte Gainsbourg has been a recent discovery of ours; we first heard her music playing in Rough Trade and we’ve been hooked ever since!”

Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

“This is our favourite Kendrick Lamar track, especially with that groovy baseline. Kendrick’s unique voice and the pounding drums create a great funky tune!”

The Chase

Luke Hallam (Black Cats & Magpies)

Foals – Mountain at my Gates

“This is one of my favourite tracks! I love the simplicity of the lead riff and I particularly like the staccato picking style of the riff.”

Jaws – Gold

“The reason for this being one of my favourite songs is that huge, powerful instrumental sections are hard to get right and I think that Jaws do it flawlessly.”

The 1975 – Somebody Else

“This is my all-time favourite track from my all time favourite band but that may change due to their next album on the horizon! This song is beautifully written with genius lyrics and stunning use of chords and synth parts.”

black cats and mapgies

Come and enjoy live music from our degree students who’ll take the stage to put on a memorable night at Rough Trade on Wednesday 29 November, 7pm – 11pm.

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Confetti student Ellie spoke to Enter Shikari before their Nottingham show!

With the release of their latest album The Spark, and a hectic worldwide tour, it’s a busy time of the year for British rockers Enter Shikari. Lead vocalist Rou Reynolds spoke to student Ellie Kemp ahead of the band’s show at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena about balancing life and music and touring with their mates.

With your new album The Spark out now, how does it feel to finally be able to play live again?

I can’t wait to play these songs live – a lot of the time when you’re in the studio, you try and just concentrate on the music you’re recording, and don’t really think about how it’s going to come across live. It interrupts how creative you can be if you’re constantly thinking, ‘oh, is this going to sound good live?’ It’s like a downward spiral when we’ve got to work out how this is going to be conveyed live, how it’s going to translate to arenas.

You play the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham as part of the UK leg of the tour – have you played any particularly good shows in Nottingham?

I remember from way back in the day, we had a few friends who went to uni in Nottingham, and I remember every time we played Rock City it was always a great night out, the shows were always really good fun, and there was a great energy in the city.

Last year, the Nottingham show was actually our first actual arena we’d headlined. It was a really special night, I can remember walking off stage, and we all just got quite emotional really, we were just blown away by the size of the place and the colossal magnitude of what just happened. Lots of good memories!

You’re also being supported by Lower Than Atlantis and Astroid Boys – are you excited to be touring with them?

Absolutely – we’ve been friends with those guys for years now. Lower Than Atlantis is an amazing rock band – really good songwriting. Astroid Boys are doing something really different – really good live. I’m looking forward to seeing them both live every night.

What else can we expect from these new shows?

I think it’s going to be quite a varied setlist, there’s going to be songs from each era of the band, that’s for sure. We’re not one of those bands who just wants to play the new stuff. I think there’s going to be five or six songs from The Spark – we’re looking forward to seeing how those go down live. We did a few of them at our release show in Brixton, and it was so much fun. Rabble Rouser was so rowdy, Undercover Agent was a personal favourite as well – I can’t wait to play that again.

The Spark is out now!

What advice would you give to our students looking to start a career in the music industry?

I can only relay our experiences and what happened to us – finding a sound that’s interesting enough to set you apart from everyone else. The best I can say is to listen to as much music as possible, and as broad a range of music as possible – I think it’s only then that you can absorb all that and turn it into music yourself.

Then I’d say, just take every show you can and play every show as if it’s your last – they’re kind of clichés, but you never know who’s watching.

Enter Shikari are performing live at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham on Saturday 18 November and their new album The Spark is out now!

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Music student Alex wins Shogun Audio’s DJ competition and will perform in Leeds


Great news! Audio and Music Technology student Alex Sherwood has won Shogun Audio’s DJ competition and will perform at their next event in Leeds on 8 December. Alex’s mix was voted number one by the public and chosen as the winner by a selection of industry professionals.

We caught up with her to speak about the competition…

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Alex (most people call me Lex, or in DJ/artist terms L.E.X). I’m a Music Technology student, DJ and vocalist. I’m a 2nd year student at Confetti and currently attempting to start producing my own music, as well as doing my own vocals and furthering my knowledge in Pro Tools. I also gig at local drum & bass events. 

Congratulations on winning the DJ competition run by Shogun Audio! How was it?

Thank you! I was so excited when I found out I won. The competition was for one of their events in December, to which I was already going. Contestants had to upload a 30 minute drum & bass mix to Mixcloud and their artist names would appear on a Facebook poll on the event page. The public voted for their top 5 entries – who’d then be judged by industry professionals.

I’ve been trying to get some good gigs in for a while now and it was so lovely to see how many people wanted me to succeed. When the poll closed, I was 1st place! The winner gets some fantastic prizes, including Shogun merchandise, guestlist for friends, a rider on the night and the opening set in the main room! 

Where and how did your interest in DJing start?

I actually started DJing when I was 11 through my stepdad who had two Stanton CDJ’s and two Vinyl Technic 12’10’s. I showed an interest straight away, although I only really did it for fun. After a year or so I didn’t give it much thought and focused on other things, but 7 years later – when I was old enough – I started going to events and my love for drum & bass started.

After attending many events, I started making friends with local DJs around Nottingham. I suppose it was making so many friends here that made me decide to move. After seeing how talented my friends were, I decided I should try to pursue mixing. 

How has studying at Confetti helped you?

I’ve learnt so many things over the past year or so. I’ve never done anything academically musically before so applying for the degree course was definitely a learning curve. There’s still a lot of things I need to develop, but now I’m in the 2nd year a lot more things are making sense and I’m really enjoying the modules so far. 

I enjoyed Industry Week, I went to a few different talks and showcases, but my favourite one was the Pioneer showcase. It was great to see all the latest equipment and the Pioneer rep let me plug my USB in to test it out.

What do you enjoy most on the Music Technology course?

I would have to say my favourite area within the course is the industry side. I really enjoy the variety of guests and I think it’s great to get advice and learn from those within the music Industry themselves. All in all the tutors are very down to earth and helpful, and I’ve made some great friends to collaborate on projects with.

Studio sessions are also brilliant and I can’t wait for the new Contemporary Music & Events Hub in Marco Island to open! I’m not very experienced when using the mixing desk, but I’m determined to become more technical in studio sessions throughout my time here.

What are you most looking forward to when you’ll perform in Leeds?

It has to be the whole performance aspect and getting experience in playing in a big venue, but the networking opportunity is a big one for me as well. I know a few artists who are already playing there – Ed:it, Aperio & Revaux – but it would be great to have a chat with some of the other artists.

The main factor in this industry is to have talent, but I feel as though having contacts is also important, so this experience could potentially open some doors for me. 

Have you got any advice for students wanting to get into DJing?

Practice as much as possible! It sounds like a lot of effort, but if you love the music it’s extremely fun. I’ve only really been mixing drum & bass for about two years and I’m aware I still need regular practice to get better.

If you’re going to start DJing I’d advise you to listen to a mix by a DJ you love – I would listen to countless mixes on my way to and from work and try figure out how they mixed track A into track B and would then try and replicate it at home. Believe it or not, it really helps!

Buy your tracks! Ripping them off Soundcloud, YouTube & other sites results in extremely poor quality – plus you’re supporting the artists you love by buying their music. 

Don’t use the sync button. I did when I first started out and then realised my beat matching was terrible once I turned it off, therefore the sooner you learn to beat match, the better DJ you’ll become in a shorter space of time. 

Have you got anything else coming up?

I’m playing at the Red Bar in Nottingham on Friday 17 November alongside some good friends. It’s a FREE drum & bass event, so if you’ve got no plans come and support some local talent!

I’m also due to play in Sheffield at The Harley for Lady And The Trap on Friday 1 December alongside one of my lovely friends ‘CLOUWDS’ who runs the event. I heard the last one went down a treat, so really looking forward to travelling up there to play. 

But obviously the main contender and the reason I’m here: Shogun Audio Leeds at Mint Warehouse. If you have the funds and love drum & bass – it’s a no brainer. With a line up consisting of S.P.Y, Alix Perez, Technimatic, Ed:it, Serum & many more – it’s not one to miss! 

If you’d like to hear more from Alex, check out her artist page and Soundcloud or listen to her competition-winning mix

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You’re invited to the Confetti Student Christmas party!

This year you’re invited to the ‘Confetti Christmas Party’ on Monday 4 December at Rescue Rooms

This year’s theme is ‘Cringemas’ and it promises to be the best yet…imagine fancy decorations and jolly festive jumpers, with one or two Christmas tunes snuck into the night. You’ll be treated to an amazing line-up of acts, gaming tournaments and delicious food, so whether you want to show off your fancy footwork or chill with your mates, this event caters for everyone.

This year’s line-up and set times…

Christmas Party Set Times

Here are a few performer profiles:

Super Furniture

The first act confirmed is former Confetti band Super Furniture! This four-piece were crowned champions at the Future Sound of Nottingham 2016 competition final and opened the main stage at Splendour Festival. Recently they have gigged all over the Midlands and are currently semi-finalists for Firestone Tires Firestone Battle of the Bands – give them a vote!

Check out their music if you haven’t already.

Super Furniture

DJ Fever

The hip-hop scratch DJ/Producer is ready to keep everyone entertained throughout the night once again. Fever will show his 20 years’ experience with a great selection of music, perfect to keep everyone buzzing in between acts.

Listen to a sample of what’s to come.

DJ Fever

Black Cats & Magpies

Blackcats & Magpies are a Confetti Indie Rock band based in Nottinghamshire. Since their formation in 20174 they’ve graced the stages at Rock City, Rescue Rooms, The Bodega and have been a regular at Y Not Festival since 2015. With upcoming appearances across the UK, Blackcats & Magpies are certainly maintaining there reputation as one of the Best New Bands in the area!

Check out their YouTube.

Confetti Live - Black Cats & Magpies

The Chase

The Chase are another fantastic Confetti band flying the flag for indie-rock ‘n’ roll in the city. They have stormed hundreds of shows across the City and beyond, building up a dedicated (and noisy) fanbase, including highlight sets at Dot To Dot and Hockley Hustle festivals.

Their past shows include supporting international artists The Orwells, The Bohicas, Petebox, John Power and Louis Berry.

Have a listen to their sound.

The Chase


Your cringy night of Christmas will begin at 7pm and end at 11pm for all students. Please make sure you make appropriate travel arrangements – whether that’s a parent collecting you, making that last bus or sharing a taxi with friends.

Where can I buy a ticket?

Ticket sales will begin Monday 20 November from both Confetti receptions. You’ll also be able to buy tickets from our ‘ticket station’ in the Student Café every Tuesday and Thursday between 12pm and 2pm – make sure you don’t miss out. Your ticket will cost you £2 – this will entitle you to entry on the night.

On the night

Feel free to dress for the festive occasion, but no masks – wacky jumpers are allowed if you wish!

You’ll need to bring your Christmas party ticket, Confetti student card and if you’re over 18 and want to have a drink – as standard you’ll need your ID.

It’s a fantastic time to study Music


New industry figures reveal the UK continues to punch well above its weight when it comes to the music industry:

  • The UK industry grew by 6% in 2016, contributing £4.4 billion to the UK economy
  • Millions of fans pouring into concerts ranging from Glastonbury to small bars has pushed the contribution of live music to the economy up by 14% to £1 billion
  • Employment in the music industry has increased by a whopping 19% to over 142,000 jobs

With the industry continuing to grow across almost every sector, there isn’t a better time to be studying music in our brand-new home for music and live events.

Our new specialist home for Music & Events will be opening soon

Confetti was founded in 1994 by a former music producer as a specialist music institute, and almost 25 years on we’re set to enhance our reputation as a leading force in contemporary music education by transforming the ground-floor of the Marco Island building in Nottingham into a haven for music & live events students.

This amazing new space will include:

– 14 rehearsal spaces
– 5 recording studios
– 300 capacity live event venue
– Critical listening seminar room
– Live events production workspace
– Mastering, surround sound and post-production studio

The 300 capacity live events space will give our students lots of opportunities to apply what they learn on the course in front of a live audience. This is just one of many opportunities to ‘Do It For Real’ as our students can already gain valuable experience at some of the Midlands’ most exciting music events.

Our Technical Events college and degree courses give you an access-all-areas pass to the city’s best music events, thanks to our partnerships with local promoters and venues. From lighting and sound engineering to production and stage management – you’ll work alongside professional teams at concerts, gigs and festivals.

Incredible events you could be involved in

We regularly put on Confetti Live, a live gig set up and run by our Live & Technical Events students who also provide the sound and lighting. Our Music Performance college and degree students get the chance to perform with local established acts, and our Film & TV students record the whole event!

Our students are also involved in Nottingham’s biggest outdoor music festival Splendour, which entertained 25,000 music lovers this year. Last year’s record-breaking numbers in terms of student engagement were smashed again! This year we had over 120 students from across both college and degree courses working in over 209 different roles. Our students worked hard both in the days leading up to the festival and throughout the day to make sure stages were set and some of the world’s biggest names in music were ready to perform.

In October we hosted our own stage at Hockley Hustle, a street music festival that saw 250 acts entertain thousands across 25 venues. At Confetti Live presents The Bodega Upstairs our past and present students put on an amazing gig, alongside artists from our artist management company Denizen.

The benefits of our partnerships

Josh Wheatley
Former Confetti student Josh Wheatley, now signed to Denizen

Our artist management company Denizen works with our students and teaching teams to help develop musical talent. They can support you in getting a record deal, gigs and with music releases. Even better, Denizen has now teamed up with music publisher Sentric Music, who can help you make money from your music productions.

Along with our brand new postgraduate degrees, an MA in Creative Technologies and an MSc in Creative Technologies, we’ve also partnered up with Tileyard Education to develop an MA Commercial Songwriting and Production, delivered entirely at the Tileyard Education Centre in London.

Earlier this year we announced that we’ll be running our further education courses in collaboration with Access to Music – a national college offering creative courses for school leavers in nine major cities across the country. This has resulted in a sharing of knowledge and expertise resulting in bigger and better industry connections and more opportunities to put learning into practice.

Meet key industry professionals

We’re proud to offer unrivaled opportunities to meet key industry performers, promoters and producers. Every year we put on Industry Week – a week packed full of talks, interactive workshops, seminars and demos from some of the most influential practitioners in music, games, digital media, TV and film! Over the years we’ve seen some fantastic people, including Radio 1’s senior producer Andy Rogers; rap artist Professor Green; guitar legends Mikey Demus, Aziz Ibrahim & Andy James, Will Kennard from electronic duo Chase & Status…and much more!

After graduating from a specialist institute like Confetti, you’ll be ready to pursue a career in the music industry, be it as a sound engineer, promoter, performer or songwriter – our courses and facilities are tailored to give you the best chance of success. Study with us and learn from and alongside music specialists.

If you’re interested in studying a music or events college-level or degree course, sign up for our open day and explore our facilities.

Former Confetti tutor launches tabletop game on Kickstarter

Full Moon Jacket is a brand new tabletop game created by former digital media Confetti tutor Paul Allen. The original idea originated during a games lecture on the Level 3 Games Technology course and our students have helped with everything from play testing to logo design.

The game, which is being published by Paul’s company Strangely Games has now launched a funding bid on Kickstarter. We caught up with Paul in the days leading up to the Kickstarter page going live to find out about how the game started and how Confetti students helped him along the way.

Tell us a bit about how your started this project?

Full Moon Jacket started as an idea a few years ago. My background is in video production and so I wanted to make a ‘simple’ short film based on movies I loved as a kid (Predator, Aliens, Full Metal Jacket) and I came up with ‘Werewolves in Vietnam’ – but it was too difficult and too costly. So last September I started drawing circles on post-it notes, started placing miniature werewolves on them and it has snowballed from there.

Where did the idea for the game come from?

Video games, movies and other tabletop board games have influenced and reshaped the idea. I played (tortured!) my parents as a 6 year old, making them be Dwarves and Space Marines in Heroquest and Space Crusade (late/early 80s/90s Games Workshop) every Saturday evening and it feels incredible that I have gone full circle and maybe ended up 30 years later where I started.

Did any Confetti students help you with this project?

The first Final Major Project session with the BTEC Level 3 Games Technology students kick-started this project. For the course, I challenged them to make a game. I did the same, so that we could compare our creations at the end of the year. Various students have games tested my game in the early stages and helped support the project, with one of the extremely talented BTEC Level 3 Graphic & Digital Design students redesigning my Strangely Games logo.


What was the most challenging part of the process?

All parts of this process, from designing, testing, product management, promotion have been really fun and I have learnt so much. It has all been challenging in various ways – I believe I have got this far with Full Moon Jacket through passion and not seeing this as work. Meeting genuinely amazing talented artists that have wanted to be part of this project and are as excited as me has really spurred me on.

You’ve done some playtests at Ludorati Cafe – how did those go?

The playtests have been excellent and very humbling. I did peak early with my first public playtest, as a veteran of Games Workshop (someone who has been designing games and miniatures for the company) told me it was “the best game he had played this year” and would buy it there and then. Four days into being a games designer I was approached by a company offering to buy Full Moon Jacket, which was a great feeling and has reinforced that what I am doing is right for me. I said no.

Did anything surprise you about how the public reacted to the game?

Watching random players really getting stuck into the game and chatting, laughing and discussing in some depth tactics and ideas that I considered when I was playing my favourite games over 25 years ago.

What are the next steps for you and Strangely Games?

I hope for success with Full Moon Jacket on Kickstarter. Following that, Strangely Games will be able to fund a second game and this becomes a life changing opportunity. It’s been an awesome ride so far and I hope it continues. I spoke yesterday to a successful Kickstarter designer and I can’t imagine anything more amazing than designing games and calling that my job.  

Full Moon Jacket is live on Kickstarter until Wednesday 22 November and you can find out more about the project and back the project by clicking the button below.

Fancy learning more about games? Check out our Games Technology college-level and degree courses, and book onto our next open day.

Halloween at Confetti in the newly upgraded Student Café!

Confetti Halloween 2017

On Tuesday 31 October join us for an amazing afternoon full of Halloween entertainment as the NEWLY UPGRADED Student Café is transformed!

From Noon until 3pm, you’re invited to listen to a live set from your resident Confetti DJ Jack Carr (JCEE) who has performed at O2 Academy Leeds, Bassfest and Stealth.

Listen to his spooky mix while you enjoy some food and drink specials, including our delicious hot dogs for just £1! Not feeling peckish? Just come to celebrate Halloween with your friends at the new and improved Café – see if you can spot our Confetti Pumpkins.

WIN a £20 Amazon voucher!

Turn up in your best fancy dress and you could win a £20 Amazon gift voucher – just tag your pictures with #ConfettiHalloween on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and a winner will be selected and notified. 

Last year Emily won an Amazon voucher with her scary skeleton face paint and costume (right) – can anyone beat that this year?

If you’re stuck for fancy dress ideas then check out our blog for some inspiration!

Want to join our Halloween celebrations next year? Check out our creative college-level or degree courses, sign up for our open day and explore our facilities.

halloween winner

Campus transformations – New term update

It has been a busy year on our campus as we gear up to open our Contemporary Music & Events Hub, the Digital Media Hub and redevelop our existing buildings for the new academic year.

Digital Media Hub

Work is well underway on our new £9.1 million Digital Media Hub and if you find yourself walking down Lower Parliament Street you can even spot the first two floors rising from behind the hoardings.

Confetti courtyard

Work has been going on all summer within the Confetti courtyard area, where a new room and elevated courtyard will be created.

HE centre

Work has also taken place inside the HE Centre during the Summer period. The staircase inside the building has been fully replaced and reconfigured in order to improve accessibility to all floors and as a result the ground floor reception area has also been modified.

Two new specialist classrooms have also been opened on the third floor for our visual effects and graphics students.

If you’re looking to study a creative college-level or degree course, sign up for our open day and explore our facilities.

What’s On in October


This month in Nottingham, some big events are happening that you’re going to want to check out! If you’re new to the city, you need to discover why October is the month for a myriad of major festivals!

Goose Fair | Forest Recreation Ground

goose fair

Wednesday 4 – Sunday 8 October

The Goose Fair returns to the Forest Recreation Ground, bringing you an action-packed few days, full of over 500 attractions – perfect timing after the student loans drop. From rides for the extreme thrill seekers to the popular stalls for all you foodies, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re new to Nottingham, this festival is a hit with the locals and should never be missed!

Hockley Hustle | Hockley Area

hockley hustle 2016

Sunday 8 October

Experience live music in over 24 venues along the streets of Hockley, just a stone’s throw away from Confetti. This music festival is well known for being a springboard for local musical acts with the likes of Jake Bugg, Saint Raymond and Liam Bailey all performing at the Hustle – so watch out for the next rising stars of Nottingham! This year Confetti Live presents The Bodega Upstairs, so a fantastic line-up featuring past and present students, and acts managed by Denizen Artists.

Confetti students and staff can purchase tickets at the discounted price of £5 plus booking fee online. Please bear in mind that you’ll need to present your Confetti ID when collecting your wristband on the day of the festival or you’ll have to pay for the full price of the ticket.

Mayhem Film Festival | Broadway Cinema

Broadway Cinema

Thursday 12 – Sunday 15 October

With premieres, previews, special guests and midnight screenings, film students and fans can expect the best in horror, sci-fi and cult cinema at Mayhem. You can meet special guests, celebrate new and emerging talent, and discover exciting new features and short films. You never know, it might just give you the inspiration you need to take your own short film to the next level.

Nottingham Comic Convention | Nottingham Conference Centre

comic con

Saturday 14 October

In its 5th year here at Nottingham, Comic-Con has a lot of exciting activities in store for all you comic fans. Enjoy live music from some of the best local bands plus seminars and Q&A panels. Browse through over 150 comic exhibitors, as well as some awesome artists who are waiting to talk to you about their work.

Rockingham Music Festival | Nottingham Trent Students’ Union

rock performers

Friday 20 – Sunday 22 October

This year’s Rock Festival of Nottingham, held at Nottingham Trent’s Student Union building, has a great line-up confirmed for you to enjoy quality music with your mates. With the likes of Kix, Loverboy and Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe headlining, hard-rock lovers are in for a treat.

October is set to be a busy month in Nottingham so why not enjoy what it has to offer! With this handy guide, you’ll have no excuse for missing out! For even more events that we haven’t covered, check out ‘October in Nottingham‘.

If you’re looking to study a creative college-level or degree course, sign up for our open day and explore our facilities.

An interview with our students behind the start-up of Roll Sound

Roll Sound

Confetti students Charlie and Josh have started their own audio engineering company – Roll Sound. We caught up with them to see how their new venture is going…

So, tell us a bit more about your company?

At Roll Sound we offer audio engineering for TV, film and games. We provide audio engineering services for pre and post-production, including recording on location, sound design, ADR and stereo mixing.

How did you get started?

We worked on a former Confetti student’s TV series project. When his sound guy was taken ill, we filled in for him while he was recovering. After this, word spread and we had other students messaging us saying that they’ve heard good things and need reliable sound recordists/boom ops. We realised that there was potential for a career in this area of the industry for us, so we invested in equipment and promoted our services on social media platforms and forums. 

What has been your biggest success so far?

Our biggest success is that our name is becoming known. People are now contacting us about quotes and the services we offer. In addition, we have a great group of contacts through working with new people and attending the TV & Film Tweetups at Antenna. Initially, we worked mainly on creative projects, such as shorts and TV shows, whereas now, we have contacts who have given us work recording promotional videos for businesses across Nottingham.

roll sound

What are you looking forward to working on next?

We are working to complete a final mix for a pilot TV series produced by Coalescent Films. We have worked with these guys for a while now and are confident that only good things will come from the work we do with them. We’ll be responsible for adding Foley, sound design and completing the overall mix of the pilot. This will then be marketed and promoted to distribution companies locally and nationally.

We have also just begun to promote our new mobile ADR service which consists of a portable recording studio that can be set up at the location of the filmmaker’s choice. This is cheaper and easier for filmmakers, as we come to them with a studio rather than them having to get all the actors together to go to a studio.

What made you choose to come to Confetti?

Charlie: I chose to study at Confetti because I wanted to make a career out of sound engineering and a family friend told me that Confetti would be the best place to study sound. I then did a Level 2 course and wanted to carry on my studies with Confetti on the Level 3 Studio & Live course. I’ll be going on to higher education at Confetti this year to study Audio & Music Technology.

Josh: I chose to study at Confetti after moving up from Cornwall with the desire to go back to education and learn more about what I love – sound. Initially, I wanted to study Level 3 Urban with my interests being in beat-making and song-writing. However, my GCSE’s held me back a year and by the time I got to Level 3, I had a better understanding of what I wanted to do, so I chose Studio & Live. I’m now looking forward to starting higher education with Confetti in September.

How do you juggle your studies with your student life?

It can be stressful at times, especially if we have multiple deadlines for college projects, as well as recording on-location and completing sound editing for our Roll Sound clients. Our way around it is to make a start on our college projects as soon as we get them and bounce off each other with ideas and points to make in our assignments. We then work together on our post-production work progressively until we are both happy with the results.

What advice would you give students looking to start a course at Confetti?

The best general advice I can give is to aim high and stay consistent. The axiom that you’re only as good as your most recent work is true. If you’re always pushing yourself to improve and learn new things, no matter what the scenario or industry, there will be a way to apply this knowledge to what interests you.

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