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Results Day

For those of you collecting results, it’ll probably be one of the most nerve-racking days for you so far! All the hard work comes down to this one moment – collecting that envelope with your results in!

We want to help get you ready for the day, to make it as calm as possible. So read on and make notes! We answer all the questions you need to know, here on our Clearing page – Do you need to confirm your place at university if you get your grades? What about if you miss out by a few points? And have you sorted accommodation and student finance?

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us on our Facebook live chat, or just send us a free text on our Clearing WhatsApp number – 07586 779 451.

First thing’s first, your results day check list!

  • UCAS Track login details
  • Mobile phone
  • Contact details for Confetti: 0115 848 6000
  • Pen and paper

8am – Track goes live. You’ll be able to see your university confirmation. Although your marks won’t show on UCAS, so you’ll need to pick those up.

Morning onwards – Pick up your results. Check what time you can collect your results and get yourself down there. If you got your grades, go and celebrate; if you didn’t, don’t panic, there are other options.

Met your grades? Track will update to say you have been accepted into either your firm or insurance choice university and you will be able to view your confirmation letter in Track. Make sure you give this a read, it may contain information from your university about what to do next. If you have your student finance in place, there is now nothing left to do except celebrate and prepare for uni.

Missed your grades? Don’t panic – you can still get a place through Confetti Clearing. Give us a call on 0115 848 6000 and we can discuss your options. Check out our step-by-step guide to Clearing for more info.

What happens once you get your Clearing offer:

  • You’ll receive an email from NTU confirming your offer
  • Read through the conditions of your offer
  • Accept the offer ASAP on UCAS Track to secure your place

Our 10 Favourite Photos from the Past Year

Industry Week 17

We’re looking back on our favourite moments from the past year. If you want to be involved next year then have a look at our dedicated Clearing page.

When legendary documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield showed us the trailer for Whitney: Can I Be Me before anyone else at Industry Week 17

Industry Week 2017 Nick Broomfield

When guitar legends Aziz Ibrahim, Andy James & Mikey Demus showed us just how to be guitar heroes at Industry Week 17

Industry Week 2017 Guitar Heroes

When we shot our new promo with help from our student crew

Confetti Promo Video Shoot

When we celebrated our name in style at the Christmas Party

Confetti Christmas Nightmare

When we just couldn’t fit anymore people into the Bodega during the first Confetti Live.

Confetti Live

When Music PerformanceMusic Technology and Live Events put on an amazing free music festival at Rough Trade for Celebrate 2017

Celebrate 2017

When Billy Ocean headlined the Confetti Stage at Splendour 2017

splendour festival billy ocean 2017

And our TV & Film Production students captured the magic from the day

Splendour Festival 2017

While our Live & Technical Events students set up and ran the Acoustic Rooms stage from start to finish

Confetti at Acoustic Rooms Stage - Splendour Festival 2017

When our graduates showed everyone, including Confetti Ambassador Vicky McClure, just what they’re capable of at The Degree Showcase

Confetti Degree Showcase

So, where will you be studying this September? If you want to study one of our college courses or degrees then it’s not too late to apply.

Ever Thought About A Career In VFX? Hear From A Previous Student

Have you ever thought about studying visual effects but are unsure about the possibilities it brings? We caught up with previous student Jack Shillingford who works for Orillo Productions – a unique company that specialises in creative and engaging films, aspiring to become one of the global leading production firms.

We asked him a few questions below about how his career has developed after studying at Confetti and if he had any advice for current students wanting to go into VFX.

So Jack, what initially sparked your interest in VFX?

I’ve always liked the idea of being able to control every element of film. With VFX there are no reshoots or unwanted mistakes. Every element is there because you put it there. I can create an entirely 3D scene and be in complete control – Is that grass too long? Now its short; Should that tree be there? Now it’s gone. Perhaps this makes me a control freak?


How did you get involved in Orillo Productions?

I came to work for Orillo as an intern originally. I was only supposed to be there for a couple of weeks, but two weeks turned into two months and then they offered me the job!


What does your job at Orillo involve?

My job involves a lot of different elements, from screen replacements and animated text to building spaceships and stormy seas. Each project is different and most of the work is commercial but I never let that stop me from being creative. We have a large client base including Toyota, Tinder and Ben & Jerries – free ice cream is a big perk of the job! No free dates or cars though.

Let’s talk about Confetti. What was the best thing about studying here?

Confetti helped me explore various different roles in the film industry. It allowed me to gain a broad understanding of how the whole machine works before picking an area to focus on. Because of Confetti I now know that my passion lies within VFX.


Finally, do you have any advice for current students wanted to go into VFX?

Surround yourself with people who have a greater or equal passion to yours. If you’re the smartest or most qualified person in the room, then you have no motivation to push yourself further. I discovered this when I came to Orillo. I was so used to working alone that my work became stale and unimaginative. Now I’m surrounded by so much creative talent it drives me to be better at what I do.

We still have places available on our FdSc Visual Effects Production course and our BSc Visual Effects Production top-up degree. Call 0115 848 6000 to secure your place and start a degree with us this September!

Study our BSc TV Production degree and one day you too could become Love Island’s Benny on camera 2

TV Production

For 7 weeks this summer, 12 single participants lived it up in a villa in Majorca to see if sparks flew on ITV’s hit show Love Island. The series saw singletons pair up in a paradise setting and the finale pulled in 2.6 million viewers – ITV2’s biggest-ever audience! The show has made a lot of people very popular, and thanks to presenter Iain Stirling, a camera operator on the ITV2 show has unwittingly become a celebrity…you might know him as Benny on camera 2.

If you want to work in TV Production creating shows like Love Island, then you can develop the skills you need to succeed on our TV Production degree courses. Benny and the Love Island film crew worked tirelessly throughout the show, and in this blog, we’re going to highlight the skills and techniques they used on some of our favourite scenes – all of which you can also learn if you study TV Production at Confetti.

1. Muggy Mike enters the villa for the first time

When Mike entered the villa he caused a lot of drama. The slow motion shot used when he walked up to the front door generated initial tension and suspense – ideal for any reality TV show. Our BSc Television Production (top up) students have access to a HD camera that can shoot in full quality at 60fps (frames per second) to create brilliant slow motion shots.

2. Jess is voted off by the other islanders

During the first ‘dumping’ of the series three couples were at risk of being voted off and in a shocking twist, the remaining boys and girls had to vote off one islander of the opposite sex. During the scene, the shot switched between multiple cameras in a variety of positions – some fixed and some manned. Students on the BSc Television Production (top up) course will look at setting up multiple cameras across an environment – operated or robotic – and will learn to cut between them from a hidden, backstage environment.

We’ve had students gain valuable work experience at the Royal Concert Hall this year, laying cables throughout the building, directing and mixing from backstage. Other groups filmed a series of live gigs at the Bodega for our regular live music event Confetti Live, cutting between shots from the back of the room, while the cameras captured the band doing their thing!

3. Boys and girls are split into two separate villas

When the boys were told they’d have a ‘lads’ night out, little did they know they were actually moving into a brand new villa – Casa Amor – with new contestants. The production team wanted to present this in the same way that they introduced the original contestants, at a fast pace, in order to feature the new islanders within the timeframe of one episode.

Students on the TV Production Foundation Degree are taught these ‘promo shooting’ camera techniques, and how to frame and edit those shots to match this fast-paced action style. Our students learn how to use post-production software, so they can take what they have shot on location and cut together vignette packages. These skills are then developed during the top up year, which results in some incredible pieces of work! Across two modules, some of the BSc top up TV students shot and edited interviews with 11-year-old Matthew Smith, before becoming part of history when they recorded him becoming the youngest person to conduct a 75 piece orchestra – see the video below.

4. Kem asks Amber to be his girlfriend

The islanders had their fair share of cringe-worthy moments, but if you’re looking for the best of the lot…look no further than Kem’s romantic gesture to Amber. By leaving a trail of imaginative texts, Kem led Amber on a quest to his heart. Romantic lines included ‘where we first broke up’ and ‘go to the fireplace’ before Kem finally emerged from the glow generated by the 70 cameras watching their every move, to ask Amber if she’d be his girlfriend…SHE SAID YES!

During this scene, a variety of remote cameras were used and controlled from a Camera Control Unit. With the right planning, students on the BSc Television Production (top up) course will have access to the remote cameras we share with Notts TV, allowing students to create these kinds of shots. Students have been able to use these cameras as part of TV studio shoots, allowing them to program in particular shot types, that they can switch between at the touch of a button!

Want to become the next Benny on camera 2? Apply now to study on our FdSc TV Production Technology or BSc TV Production top up degrees, or come along to one of our degree-level open days and take the first steps towards a career in TV Production.

Results Day – DOs and DONTs

DO check UCAS

Universities receive details of your grades directly from exam boards, so they’ll have made a decision by the time you receive your results. You’ll need to go to the track section of your application – if your chosen university has accepted you, then relax you’re in! If not, don’t worry – you can still get a place at university – check out our step by step guide.

DO prepare

Be well prepared, if you’re trying to get a course through Clearing there’s a few things you’ll need. Have your UCAS or Clearing number to hand. We’ll need this to identify your application. Have some questions ready too, you’ll be able to ask our tutors questions about the course. We want you to be well informed so ask whatever you need.

DO research

Although Clearing may feel like a massive rush, it’s a chance to still get on a great course. You’ll be studying for a few years so you need to make sure you choose something you’ll enjoy. Get online and start researching universities, look at modules and entry requirements and make notes. Check out our courses here.

DON’T be rude

There will be a lot of people in your position trying to get through to universities. Don’t give up – keep calling and remain polite once you do get through. Did you know you can send us an email at if you can’t get through to our phone lines and we’ll make sure someone gets back to you?

DON’T panic

There’s really nothing to worry about – many students secure a place through Clearing and enjoy their time at university. If you stay positive and do some research you’ll give yourself the best chance at getting a place through Clearing.

DON’T rush

It’s still a big decision, so it’s not something you should rush. Take your time and find out if the course is right for you – don’t just apply for any old thing! Remember we’re here to help, you can find all our course info on our website or get in touch and speak to our tutors & careers advisor.

Find out all you need to know about Clearing at Confetti on our Clearing website and through our step-by-step guide to Clearing.

Confetti at Splendour Festival 2017

A record 25,000 people spent the day in Wollaton Park for Splendour Festival on Saturday 22 July. Nottingham’s biggest outdoor event celebrated its tenth year with amazing performances from Kaiser Chiefs, Busted and Billy Ocean amongst many others, and even though it was one of the wettest days of July, it didn’t dampen our students’ spirits!

Confetti was one of the main sponsors and many of our students worked alongside our technical teams to help make Splendour 2017 a fantastic event. This year the Confetti stage saw some of the Midlands’ top emerging talent support legendary acts, such as R&B favourite Billy Ocean who headlined the Confetti stage and influential punk band Buzzcocks who performed a riotous set. Former Music Performance student Josh Wheatley performed earlier in the day and saw fans sing along to his new single ‘Shiver’.

Kaiser Chiefs
Kaiser Chiefs' frontman Ricky Wilson
Busted's Charlie
Billy Ocean
Billy Ocean

Over 120 students gained work experience

Last year’s record-breaking numbers in terms of student engagement were smashed again! This year we had over 120 students from across both college and degree courses working in over 209 different roles. Our students worked hard both in the days leading up to the festival and throughout the day to make sure stages were set and some of the world’s biggest names in music were ready to perform.


124 Confetti students

209 opportunities

1435 work experience hours

The Live & Technical Events students spent the days setting up the stage lighting and sound and controlled the behind-the-scenes technology. As well as supporting each stage, our students set up and ran the Acoustic Rooms stage from start to finish, helping up-and-coming artists sound and look incredible. These include local breakthrough artists Young T & Bugsey who wowed a packed crowd in the courtyard. Technical Events tutor James Littlehales was impressed with the students’ resilience to power through and help out industry professionals in the typical British weather:

“Splendour provides the opportunity for students to see first-hand how the festival industry works from a behind the scenes perspective. Not only did they endure the cold and wet conditions, they showed how they can apply their knowledge to a real-life scenario and work as part of the crew that makes Splendour a success.”

Our TV & Film Production students documented the entire event through filming and photography, and some worked with our industry partner Notts TV to film and record all the backstage action. TV & Film tutor Jamie Cash recruited almost 30 students to perform technical roles on the day of Splendour:

“Their roles ranged from capturing the action on the Confetti stage and the Acoustic Rooms stage to recording Vox Pops with the general public and shooting GV’s (General Views) around the site. We had a mixture of college-level and university-level students working together, and they represented Confetti and NTU fantastically well throughout the day, acting with professionalism and dedication, despite some testing weather conditions!”

Second year Film & TV student Ellie Kemp spoke about her experience working on the Acoustic Rooms stage and on Vox Pops throughout the day:

“It was great to work with other students, and although it was a bit daunting to approach festival-goers at first, once we got going it became a lot easier, and it was great to see people out and about, enjoying the day. It definitely helped to improve my confidence and my production skills. I also worked on the Acoustic Rooms stage, filming some of the bands’ performances. It was interesting to see the different artists perform, and it was great to be a part of capturing such an exciting experience. I also felt as though I was putting my camera skills learnt from my TV & Film course to good use.”

The Confetti VR Experience

During the festival, we invited people to join the acts on the main stage through our VR experience tent. Many got to experience what it was like to be on stage in front of thousands of people, and our student crew made sure it ran smoothly, resulting in a lot of happy guests.

BSc Games Production student Akshay Soni said: “I enjoyed watching the public’s reactions to the VR experience as I thought that most people would now be familiar with VR, but those at our stand generally weren’t. It was amazing to introduce them to this technology.”

Industry experience lies at the core of our courses, offering our ambitious talented students the opportunity to get real industry experience during their studies and Splendour 2017 gave them the perfect platform. Andy King, Music & Events Curriculum Leader spoke of the importance of such opportunities for our students:

“Splendour is the perfect environment for our students to demonstrate the skills learnt as part of their studies. The experience our students gain is integral to their continued development as industry-ready practitioners and is a clear example of our ‘Do it for Real’ ethos.”

Altogether our students undertook over 1430 hours of work experience during Splendour Festival 2017, making it our most successful year to date for Confetti students!

Want to find out how to Do It For Real and work at Splendour next year? Check out our college courses and degree courses now.

Celebrate 2017 – Our FE Students Showcased Their Work Across Hockley

Celebrate 2017

This month, our Level 3 TV & Film, Music, Performance, Games and Digital Media students took over Hockley to showcase their work for Celebrate 2017. The exhibition spanned across three amazing venues, perfect for showing what our young creatives are capable of.

Broadway Cinema

After the success of Confetti’s very first Celebrate Short Film Festival last year, our students once again took over Broadway Cinema to treat their fellow students, staff, family and friends to a range of films (including Ellies which highlights the important work taking place on the cardiac unit at Glenfield Hospital), documentaries and music videos – all written, directed, edited and starred in by our students across our TV & Film and Film & Acting courses.

Rough Trade

After lunch, our Music Performance, Music Technology and Live Events students came together to put on an amazing free music festival at Rough Trade. People were treated to DJ sets, incredible live bands and amazing custom stage lighting. The festival didn’t stop there, as the music continued at The National Videogame Arcade with the Confetti Live Acoustic Stage.

The National Videogame Arcade

Celebrate finished with the public being invited to The National Videogame Arcade to test a variety of games created by our Games Technology students, ranging from Tabletop to Virtual Reality. Our students’ Digital Media, VFX and Gaming portfolios wowed the public, giving them an idea of what the next generation of Games Art and Visual Effects students can create.

Check out our Games Art students’ work in this online portfolio.

Games tutor Adam Cain was really proud of how good the students work looked:

“It was fantastic to see our talented students artwork placed within an institution such as the National Videogame Arcade. I think it’s a rare opportunity to exhibit somewhere like this, and hopefully they’ll be proud of their accomplishments.”

It was an amazing day and we wish the best of luck to all of our students as they head into higher education or the world of employment.

So, where will you be studying this September? If you want to study one of our college courses or degrees then it’s not too late to apply.

Students Work on the Shoot for our New Confetti Promo Video

Confetti Promotional Video

Our students have been ‘Doing It For Real’ working on the shoot for our new promo.

Our sister company Spool have been creating the promo together with Nottingham director Carolina Giammetta. Carolina has written and directed several acclaimed short films that have been selected for International Film Festivals and have been nominated and won several Best Short Film awards across the world.

The promo has been created to showcase the ‘Confetti Experience’ by giving you a glimpse of what our students get up to during their studies. Our students have been involved in everything from acting to filming the promo, racking up some valuable work experience on a real production set. The video will feature some of our amazing facilities, as well as other locations around Nottingham (the Confetti classroom isn’t your average classroom). Check out some of the places where our students study on our interactive map.

You’ll be able to see the premiere of the new Confetti promo on the big screen at this weekend’s Splendour Festival, where our students will be ‘Doing It For Real’ assisting the technical teams running the festival. In the meantime, have a sneak peek at some of the behind the scenes photos we’ve taken during production.

So, where will you be studying this September? If you want to study one of our college courses or degrees then it’s not too late to apply.

Splendour 2017 – Stage Times Announced for the Confetti Stage!

Earlier this year we’ve announced that we’re returning to Splendour and we’re excited to confirm the line-up and stage times for the Confetti stage.

Billy Ocean – 8.15pm – 9.15pm

Headlining the Confetti Stage, powered by Nottingham Trent University, will be Grammy Award winning singer Billy Ocean. With a string of hits, including “Love Really Hurts Without You”, “Suddenly” and “When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going”, along with last year’s album ‘Here You Are: The Best Of Billy Ocean’ soaring to number four, Ocean will be bringing plenty of crowd pleasers to his headlining set. Our students will be back running the stage taking this amazing opportunity to work alongside and support the performance of a massive star.


Black Grape – 6.45pm – 7.45pm

Next up, rock band Black Grape, formed by Shaun Ryder and Paul ‘Kermit’ Leveridge after the demise of Happy Mondays, will be bringing their Britpop canon to Splendour. Following a UK tour to mark the 21st anniversary of chart topping debut album ‘It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah’, and a fantastic show at Rock City in December, expect a lively set of catchy pop hooks including “In the Name of the Father” and “Reverend Black Grape”.

British Sea Power – 5.15pm – 6pm

International treasures, British Sea Power have some remarkable admirers – the late, great David Bowie and Lou Reed were among them as well as ardent fan Daniel Radcliffe! They’ve played on ships at sea, deep inside Cornish slate mines and atop the Great Wall of China, and now, with brand new album ‘Let The Dancers Inherit The Party’ due out at the end of March, the lustrous, panoramic art-rock stalwarts are a fantastic addition to the Confetti Stage line up.


Buzzcocks – 4pm – 4.45pm

Regarded as one of the most influential bands ever, Buzzcocks have been entertaining audiences for more than four decades. Fresh from their global 40th anniversary tour, Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle, Chris Remington and Danny Farrant will bring their high-octane guitar, bass and drum power to the Confetti Stage. With six successful and well-received studio albums under their belt, along with years of high profile gigging, expect an epic set of crowd pleasers including the landmark “Orgasm Addict” and UK top 40 single “Ever Fallen in Love”.

Bud – 3pm – 3.30pm

Performing on stage before Buzzcocks is Nottingham artist Bud. Bud’s vibrant reggae beats have been played by BBC Radio 1’s Alice Levine, Greg James and Scott Mills and championed by BBC 1Xtra’s David Rodigan. At the end of 2016, the rising star was one of the most played artists on BBC Introducing in the East Midlands.

We are also excited to announce that one artist signed to our very own artists management company Denizen will be playing on the Confetti stage.

Josh Wheatley – 2pm – 2.45pm

Former Confetti student Josh Wheatley will be making a return to the festival! Having just released his second single Shiver, the future is looking bright for Josh and we can’t wait to see him perform live.

Main Stage

Multiple Brit Award winning, indie-rock band, Kaiser Chiefs have been announced as headliners for this year’s award-winning Splendour Festival! The success of their debut album ‘Employment’, released in 2005 with hits including Everyday I Love You Less and Less and I Predict a Riot, sold over three million copies and won the band three Brit Awards, and also won an NME Award for Best Album.

Since then, Kaiser Chiefs have gone on to release five more original studio albums including their latest album Stay Together (2016), which charted in the UK top five.

Busted, one of the biggest homegrown pop acts of the 21st century, will generate plenty of excitement joining Kaiser Chiefs as the next act confirmed for the Main Stage. Beloved by a whole generation of fans who grew up with them in the noughties, the double Brit Award winning band are sure to go down a storm playing a mix of their unforgettable hits and songs from their third studio album ‘Night Driver’. After a sell-out show at Rock City in February, expect to be taken to the “Year 3000” with a sing-along set from the band with an incredible five million record sales, platinum albums and hit singles, including “Crashed The Wedding”, “What I Go to School For”, “You Said No”, “Who’s David” and “Thunderbirds”.

They will be joined on the main stage by:

  • Tony Hadley
  • Gabrielle Aplin
  • Georgie
  • Future Sound of Nottingham winner Brotherhood
  • Yola Carter
  • Will Varley

Stage Times (Hover over the image to zoom)

splendour festival set times

Acoustic Rooms Stage

Headlining the Acoustic Rooms Stage are a range of talented local artists!


  • Into the Ark
  • Yazmin Lacey
  • Jimi Mack
  • Unknown Era
  • Tom Lumley
  • Billie
  • Young T & Bugsey
  • Lisa Hendricks
  • Sunflower Thieves 

Want to find out how to Do It For Real and work at Splendour next year? Check out our college courses and degree courses now.

Celebrate Games Art Portfolio

celebrate games art portfolio

Inside this booklet is a celebration of Confetti’s Games Art students. The work shown here demonstrates our talented students’ practical, technical and academic achievements made whilst studying with Confetti. Click on the image above to download the booklet


Want to be part of Celebrate next year? Find out more about our College Courses or come along to one of our college-level open days.